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Banque PayPal
I bank server
No one has access to your credit card number. Instantly encrypted, in fact, it passesdirectly to the bank without going through our server. It is therefore impossible to haveaccess to this confidential data. The bank automatically completes the transaction andcard number are not stored on servers.
II System SSL
No. Your credit card and personal information are fully protected because we use SSL(Secure Sockets Layer), which is also that of all European banks today. This tells you that you are on a secure site. The information you enter is instantly encrypted, so you can pass safely over the Internet.
Privacy III
The privacy of our contacts and details of our customers is a top priority. Under no circumstances, including, we not share your information, or any personal informationwhatsoever to third parties.
 Under no circumstances will we pass your details, or any personal informationwhatsoever to third parties.
 The nature of the contents of the packages is not mentioned on the packaging.
 The personal letters of your potential is strictly respected.